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Everybody knows somebody in a wheelchair, but some people do something about it. Accessible Mobility was originally established in 1989 as Payless Medical Transportation, a commercial wheelchair client transportation business. The goal both then and now is making transportation of the physically challenged client as comfortable and affordable as possible, while increasing their freedom and independence. The vehicles produced for this purpose are broken into two main categories, Personal Use and Commercial Use. When the “mobility” industry started producing reliable personal use vehicles, we started to rent and sell all types of wheelchair accessible vehicles and related adaptive driving modifications. With facilities at 380 Mill Street in Poughkeepsie, NY and at 111 West Putnam Avenue in Greenwich, CT, we effectively service New York City up to Albany, NY and over to Waterbury, CT then down to Bridgeport, CT. and along the coast into New York City. This includes “at home or office” sales demonstrations and service.

Founder and Senior Partner, John Barchella, is from Poughkeepsie, NY and manages Commercial Use Sales. He had been in the car business since 1987 and has a nephew that is wheelchair bound. John's empathy for this child, as well as seeing what the family went through to find and outfit a vehicle, made him realize that this would be a very personally rewarding business to be in. Furthermore, this was a geographic area where the client could not get good information or assistance to make the correct product purchase decision. In an industry where so many suppliers of these vehicles are small operators operating in a specialized market, John's car business experience served him well. Realizing that clients were not getting the best available deals on new or used vehicles, John developed a series of best buying practices to reduce the cost of vehicles so as to be able to pass that along to the client.

In 2002, Henry Matheus joined as a Partner and manages Personal Use Sales. Henry had extensive experience working with handicapped clients as a Program Director for the New York State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Training. With a MA in Clinical Psychology, Henry was well trained in casework that included selecting the best equipment for the client and in many cases, working with Agencies that often pay for the equipment. Henry is also a finance specialist. Our financing enables us to offer up to 10 year financing to qualified customers, or 1 to 5 year leases. We will take a trade in on any purchase.

In 2003, Chris Canavan joined as Managing Partner and merged in his vehicle fleet service company, thus adding a Greenwich, Connecticut facility. Chris, with two close friends in wheelchairs, wanted to bring Accessible Mobility products and services to Connecticut. This doubled the service staff of highly trained technicians to support these technical product lines. All our technicians receive factory and other industry certification training. The service of these vehicles is critical as the modifications require periodic maintenance. Beyond that, no handicapped driver or passenger wants to be stuck anywhere. That's where we excel because we can service the entire vehicle, not just the modification. There is no other mobility dealer in our service area that can do that. Systems overlap between the vehicle manufacturer and the vehicle modifier. A service-center that can handle both provides seamless service for the customer. This is a very important reason to consider Accessible Mobility.

A Peekskill, NY call center is headed by Reservation Manager, Chiyo Andersen. Our clients include families with wheelchair bound members both young and old. The needs for these vehicles includes short term uses like medical visits, occupational therapy, physical rehabilitation, hospital visits, and vacations. Long term uses include replacement vehicles for a non-accessible vehicle to transport a permanently disabled person. Chiyo handles reservations for the van rental business serving almost all of New York State with agents in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany and Poughkeepsie, NY. Additionally she manages the Accessible Mobility Rentals in Connecticut that also serve downstate New York, NYC and NYC Airports. Rental calls come in from around the world, primarily because we have rental vehicle service to and from seven international airports and many regional airports as well. Professional drivers are also available.

We hope this introduction to our company serves you well and hope you will take the time to call us with your sales or rental needs at 866-725-1804.
Or email us at info@getmemoving.com. Thank you.



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